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Incompleteness Of This Work

First, it needs to be said that this topical treatment of Proverbs is incomplete at best. The further we went on this project the more obvious it became to us that the final product would not be exhaustive. However, we believe the topics and topic families tie together adequately and as such fairly represent the general content of Proverbs.

Loading Time

Please be patient as the page takes a while to load. Due to the way our software converted the Proverbs Tree into a web page, there are scores of spacer graphics that must be loaded. When you first go to the Proverbs page the tree will look incomplete. In time, usually within two minutes, depending on your connection speed, the remaining components will load and the tree will be complete.

The Layout

The larger section in the upper left is our Proverbs Tree. It lists all the topics we have in our subject breakdown of Proverbs. Find more information about the tree below. The section to the far right is an alphabetical listing of all our topics. Click on any topic here or on the tree to bring up information in the lower middle section. That section will show our logo when you first load the page. After clicking a topic the lower middle section will show information about that topic. In there you will find Proverbs references on that topic. You can click any of those references and it will bring the Proverbs text in the lower left to that portion of the book. Also, in the lower middle section you will see other Bible references, Bible examples and related topics. Unlike the Proverbs references, the other Bible references are not clickable. The related topics are clickable. Clicking on of them will change bring up in that section whatever topic you selected.

The Tree

The Proverbs Tree is intended to represent every topic we have in our Proverbs Breakdown. These are arranged in a way that shows a line of thought. The root topic being God, all other topics branch out from there. Wisdom and knowledge emanate from God. Everything else is a product of wisdom and knowledge or show a lack thereof. Most topics could be placed in several places on the tree. We make no claim that the way we have them arranged is the only way possible. We sought to represent the topical content of Proverbs as we have it broken down. If you can't find a desired topic on the tree, look for it on the alphebetical list on the right.

Repetitive References

The referencing system for these topics is repetitive by design. For example, “tongue” will list every subtopic in that family such as “tongue-traps” or “tongue-lying”. Therefore the Proverbs passages will be listed more than once within a family of topics. And because many verses discuss more than one topic or subtopic, a passage will often be listed even more times within a family of topics or related topics.

Using The References

Please understand that the references outside of Proverbs and the biblical examples supplied are intended to be a starting place for your study. If you are building a sermon or study on a particular topic don’t feel obligated to use all the references or examples. You may want to at least mention most of the Proverbs references if your sermon is part of a series on Proverbs. But if it’s strictly a topical study, think of these references as nothing more than a place to start in your research.

We have double checked every reference here. Some we’ve checked much more than twice. It may be that you will not follow our line of reasoning in why a Proverbs reference is categorized under its topics, or why another reference is listed under a topic or an example given. We hope most of the referencing will be self-evident. But if it’s not, please know we double checked and, though a mistake could have escaped our attention, we likely had a reason for listing passages where we did.

See Related Topics

Because of the way we cross referenced many topics, there is a certain amount of redundancy built into our system. This means there are several topics and subtopics that would use virtually the same references and examples. Many times where this is the case, rather than repeatedly placing the same references in, we simply put “See Related Topics”. This refers to the way the material is cross referenced on the web page. Each topic and subtopic has topics to which they are related. By following the link to related topics you will find relevant references and Bible examples.