Your Sin, Your Guilt


Introduction: Ps. 53:2-3 (We often are impressed with man's lofty achievements and great social concerns. So much so that our minds get caught up in man's mental greatness and we forget our spiritual plight. But when God looks upon man's spiritual condition and sees nothing but sinfulness. This means that you personally are sinful and guilty. If you are a Christian you understand you are forgiven. If you are a sinner you need to understand just how spiritually desperate you are.)

I. What Your Sin Is: (For our present purposes, let's categorize sin in two areas; moral and religious.)

    1. Fleshly: Rom. 1:29-32 (This is one of many passages that outlines a variety of moral defects in man, sufficient to condemn all as sinners.)

    2. Religious: I Cor. 11:29 (These were Christians performing religious service. Yet their error was sufficient to condemn them. Therefore, you can be religious but still sinful and lost.) Gal. 5:1-4 (This passage speaks of those who perform the religious ceremonies required under the law, putting trust in them, as fallen from grace.)

II. The Extent Of Your Sin: (To what extent are you sinful in God's eyes. The magnitude of your sinfulness is seen in the kind of problems sin brings to human life.)

    1. Misery: Ps. 107:17, Prov. 13:15 (The sinful life brings misery and sorrow.)

    2. Shame: Ezra. 9:6 (Ezra was so ashamed of their sin, he blushed to look up at God.) Ps. 40:12 (David too was ashamed of his sinfulness. Sin brings unbearable shame.)

    3. Burden: Ps. 38:3-8 (David describes the burden of his sin as being greater than he can bear. Sin doesn't bring relief. It brings burden.)

    4. Slavery: Prov. 5:22, Jn. 8:34 (Sin binds you with its cords. It enslaves you.) II Pet. 2:19 (Sin promises to bring liberty to do as you choose. Instead it brings enslavement to its vices.)

III. What Your Guilt Is: (Let's clearly define guilt so you will understand your personal guiltiness.)

    1. Violation Of God's Law: Rom. 3:19 (The purpose of Moses' law wasn't just to make man sinful. Man was already sinful. Death reigned from Adam to Moses. Moses' law made mans sinfulness obvious.) Jas. 2:10 (You may protest, saying you're not that bad. Even if you break only one law, in God's eyes you are guilty of all.)

    2. Personal Accountability: Job. 19:4 (Job regarded any sin he had as being his own responsibility.) Prov. 9:12 (Any sin you commit, you bear the guilt alone. There is no blaming others.)

IV. The Extent Of Your Guilt: (In God's eyes, just how guilty are you?)

    1. Dead: I Tim. 5:6 (In God's eyes, your guilt is sufficient that you are regarded as spiritually dead.)

    2. Separate: Isa. 59:1-2 (Your guiltiness is abundant enough to separate you from God.)

    3. Reprobate: Ps. 81:11-12, Rom. 1:24, 28 (Your guilt can reach a point that God will actually give up on you. You may insist you haven't given up on God. But has God given up on you?)

    4. Abandon: II Thes. 1:7-9 (Your guilt is such that if it is not resolved you will be banished to hell, eternally abandoned by God.)

V. Relief: Rom. 6:23 (With the grievous burden of sin, it is good to know that God offers relief through Christ.)

    1. Through Christ: Isa. 53:4-6 (Relief is possible because your sin and your guilt was placed on Jesus.)

    2. Obedience: Heb. 5:9 (To obtain this relief, you must obey God's will.)

Turn To God With A Broken Heart: Ps. 34:18, Isa. 55:7 (God is eager to forgive if you will repent.) Acts 2:38 (If you are not a Christian you need to repent and be baptized.) Jas. 5:16, I Jn. 1:7-9 (If you are a fallen Christian you need to repent, confess your sins and pray.)