Jesus is Coming Again


Introduction: Acts 1:9-11 (As Jesus was ascending into heaven, the angel said he will come again in like manner he left, that is, in a bodily return. The subject of Christ's return stirs much curiosity. There is much misunderstanding about Christ's return. Follows is a study that will clarify some issues regarding Christ's return.)

I. Different "Comings" Of The Lord In Scripture: (Christ's final return is not the only "coming" of the Lord in scripture. Understanding this will help clarify the issue at hand.)

    1. Second Coming: Heb. 9:28 (When we speak of the coming of the Lord, we often think of what is commonly called the second coming. That is his literal, bodily return at the end of the world.)

    2. Miraculous: I Cor. 9:1, I Cor. 15:8 (The second coming of Christ is not the only coming of the Lord, although it is in it's unique sense of the final, bodily, literal return. Paul experienced a special, visionary, more of a miraculous coming when Christ appeared to him.)

    3. Comforter: Jn. 14:18 (Jesus refers to the outpouring of the Spirit as his coming. This reveals a kind of representative coming.)

    4. Jerusalem Destroyed: Lk. 21:20, 27 (The Roman destruction of Jerusalem was a coming of the Lord. It represents a coming in judgement.)

    5. Asian Churches: Rev. 2:5 (Christ threatened to come to the Asian churches. This was obviously a symbolic, judgmental coming.)

II. When Will The Coming Of The Lord Be: (The fact there are different "comings" is illustrated by the fact there are different time elements given.)

    1. Expected Soon: Jas. 5:8, I Pet. 4:7, Heb. 10:37 (Some verses speak of Christ's coming as soon. These cannot refer to the second coming since it hasn't happened yet.)

    2. Not Expected Soon: II Thes. 2:1-3 (On the other hand, some passages imply much would happen before the end and the coming of the Lord was distant.)

    3. Time Given: Mt. 24:34 (Jesus said his "destruction of Jerusalem coming" would happen in that specific generation. A time element was given.)

    4. Time Unknown: Mt. 24:36 (In contrast, he said no one, except God, knows when the final coming will be. The time element is unknown.)

III. Confusion: (Confusion comes when people try to take passages on these different comings and force them into one event. The result is Realized Eschatology [the belief the second coming has already happened, II Tim. 2:17-18], Premillenialism, etc. We can clear up the confusion by properly applying passages like those above, and noting some basic facts about the final coming of Christ.)

IV. What Will Happen At The Final Coming: (Follows are some things that will happen at the final coming. You can compare these facts with other "comings" in scripture to identify if a given passage is talking about the final coming or some symbolic coming.)

    1. Resurrection: I Thes. 4:15-18, Jn. 5:28-29 (At Christ's second coming there will be a bodily resurrection of both good and evil. This eliminates the premillenial "rapture" idea of separate resurrections.) Mt. 22:30, Lk. 20:36 (After this happens there will be not death or marriage. This proves the resurrection isn't past because we still die and there's still marriage.)

    2. World Destroyed: Mt. 24:35, II Pet. 3:10 (The Bible clearly speaks of a "coming" of the Lord at which time the physical universe will be destroyed.)

    3. Christ Appears: Acts 1:9-11 (Christ's second coming will be like his ascension, a literal, bodily appearance.)

    4. Judgement Of The Ungodly: II Thes. 1:7-9, Mt. 10:28 (At Christ's final coming the ungodly will be judged and cast bodily into hell.)

    5. Kingdom Delivered: I Cor. 15:24 (At the end of time, Christ's kingdom will be delivered up to God. The kingdom will not be established after Christ's return [premillenialism], it will be delivered.)


    70 A.D.



    Resurrection Of body


    Only Of Godly

    With Christ?

    World Destroyed

    Still Here

    Not For 1000 Years

    Lose Your Best Friend?

    Christ Appears As Deliverer Or Destroyer?

    Paul Was Last

    In Secret

    Judgement Of All


    Not For 1000 Years

    What Will Your Answer Be?

    Kingdom Delivered

    Still Here


    Are You In It?

    Conclusion: Mt. 25:13, I Thes. 5:5-6 (Christ is coming again. At that time he will judge the ungodly. Will you be ready? You need to be.)