Three Philosophies of Life


Introduction: Lk. 10:30-37 (Our philosophy and beliefs are seen in what we do and in how we react to certain situations. This story shows three different philosophies we will examine. Note how these speak to our lives today.)

    • 1. Theft: Titus 2:10 (Purloining is the same as stealing. To steal from others is to epitomize the selfish philosophy shown by these thieves.)

      2. Dishonesty: Prov. 20:14, Prov. 21:6 (We can steal by being dishonest and deceitful in our business. This also reflects a selfish outlook on life.)

      1. Wealth: 1 Jn. 3:17, Prov. 21:13 (We can be selfish with our wealth by not sharing with those in need.)

      2. Self: Mt. 25:41-45, Mt. 16:25 (We should not only be generous with our financial recourses. We should be willing to share our time. We should give of ourselves to others.)

      1. Wealth: Prov. 3:9, 2 Cor. 8:1-4 (We honour God when we are generous with our substance. It is especially pleasing when we give beyond what is convenient.)

      2. Self: Eccl. 11:1 (When we give of ourselves it has a way of coming back to us. We do not do good for the purpose of receiving in return. But this principle of return shows godly fruit for unselfish living.) Phil. 2:3-4 (We must learn to instinctively think of the good of others.)

      3. God: Rom. 12:1 (Best of all, you should have this giving attitude with respect to giving yourself to God.) Mt. 10:7-8 (God has generously given to us. We should in turn share with others. When we serve God and teach his word we give the best gift of all.)

  • A. Thieves: (Their philosophy said, "what is yours will be mine and I ll take it".)

    B. Priest And Levite: (Their philosophy said, "what is mine will be mine and I ll keep it".)

    C. Good Samaritan: (His philosophy said, "what is mine will be yours and I ll give it".)

Conclusion: (The last of these three philosophies is the one that should govern our lives. You must be generous and unselfish with your possessions, your time and your relationship with God.)