Eph. 4:31-32

Christians are told to put away unkind behavior and replace it with kind behavior. What is God's idea of kindness? what can you do to be more kind? What can you stop doing to eliminate unkindness?

1. Things To Stop Doing: Eph. 4:31 (This is a list of behaviors the Lord wants you to "put away" or stop.)

    Bitterness: Bitter hatred, bitter statements: Compare this with Rom. 3:14.

    Wrath: Swelling rage, generally indicates the attitude or feeling of anger rather than expressed anger:

    Anger: Anger exhibited in punishment, expressed anger: Compare with "vengeance" in Rom. 3:5 and "wrath" in I Thes. 1:10.

    Clamor: Outcry, wailing of those in distress, crying out in controversy: Compare with "cry" in Acts 23:9.

    Evil Speaking: Slander, speech injurious to another's good name: Jesus forbid such speech in Mt. 5:22.

    Malice: Ill will, desire to injure:

2. Things To Do: Eph. 4:32 (This is a list of behaviors the Lord wants you to "put on" or do.)

    Kind: Fit for use, mild, pleasant, benevolent: Prov. 31:26

    Tenderhearted: Compassionate, naturally loving with family members:

    Forgiving: To pardon, to do a favor, gratify: Compare this with "freely give" in Rom. 8:32.

3. Some General Thoughts On Kindness:

    It Is Commanded: I Pet. 3:8, Col. 3:12

    It Emanates From Love: I Cor. 13:4

    It Is Good For You: Prov. 11:17

    It Should Be Given Even To The Undeserving: Lk. 6:35

    Remember The Golden Rule: Mt. 7:12


    1. Are you as kind as you should be to your spouse?

    2. Do you find yourself speaking rudely to your spouse and then suddenly answering the phone in a kind voice?

    3. Do you excuse unkind behavior because you're in a bad mood while managing to be kind to friends at the same time?

    4. Does periodic hormonal imbalance excuse hateful behavior?

    5. Does having a bad day at work excuse hateful behavior?

    6. Does the principle of kindness demand that you be patient with your spouse when they use the above excuses to mask their sin of unkindness?

    7. Do you want your spouse to be understanding of you when you have had a bad day or are not feeling well?

    8. Is humor ever unkind?

    9. Is it okay to use humor at someone else's expense?

    10. When you joke at another's expense, do you want them to realize you mean no ill will toward them? Do you want them to understand it is only a joke?

    11. Do you sometimes use humor to mask a real insult?

    12. Do you mind being the occasional "butt" of a joke?

    13. Do you feel hurt when you are repeatedly the "butt" of the jokes?

    14. Is kindness contagious?

    15. Is hatefulness contagious?

    16. Have your children learned disrespect for their other parent by observing your disrespect for their other parent?

    17. Is it sickening to you to see a couple go out of their way to be kind to one another?

    18. Is it sickening to God to see a couple go out of their way to be kind to one another?

    19. What specifically can you do to be more kind to your spouse?

    20. What specifically can you stop doing to be more kind to your spouse?