How to Make Wise Moral Decisions

1. Introduction:

A. Samson and Delilah (Judges 16:4-30)

B. Seven fresh bowstrings (7)

C. New ropes (11)

D. Weave his hair in a loom (13)

E. Cut his hair (17)

F. Why we should study this today.

G. At times you will have to make decisions on things you really don't know what to do about.

1. How can you know what is right and what is wrong in questions of gray areas such as R-rated Movies, Dancing, Petting, Just one beer, Bikini's & mini-skirts, Racing, School trips over the weekend, Parties, PG-rated movies, Playboy magazine, TV-Shows, Making-out, Curfews, Heavy Metal Music, Christian Rock, Dating a non-Christian, visiting a denominational church, What to do on a date, Laughing at a dirty joke. . .

H. Every bad decision (sin) has consequences.

1. Gal.6:7

2. Think how many people have began smoking as a young person not knowing that it would cause cancer.

3. Ignorance does not excuse you from those consequences.

4. Decisions are based on decisions that are based on decisions that are based on decisions...

I. You can't undo wrong decisions (sin)

1. Think of all the young girls who got pregnant thinking that it wouldn't happen to them because they were careful.

2. King David lost his son

J. You are much more likely to make wrong decisions (SIN) when you must decide under pressure at the spur of the moment.

1. That's why in football, etc. they design plays before and everyone knows what to do.

2. Think of Aaron when he made the golden calf

3. Have you ever done something that later, when you looked back on it you said "That was really stupid, how could I have done that?"

4. You can't see the forest for the trees.

5. How many young men and women have married someone that everyone else could see was no good, but they were "too in love" to see.

6. If you get in the situation and you have no idea what is right or wrong, how will you know what to do?

2. How Can You Know What Is Right And What Is Wrong?

A. When you're grown up spiritually, you can tell. (Hebrews 5:12-14)

1. When you can readily discern (know what is what) between right and wrong.

B. Does the Bible specifically forbid it?

1. Fornication: 1 Cor.6:18

2. Abortion: Pr.6:16,17

3. Marrying an Unbeliever: 1 Cor.7:39; 2 Cor.6:14

C. Do your authorities (parents, elders, boss, government) forbid it?

1. Parents: Eph.6:1-3

2. Elders: Heb.13:17

3. Boss: 1 Pt.2:18

4. Government: 1 Pt.2:13,14

3. Seven Tests To Determine If A Questionable Action Is Acceptable Or Not.

A. What if everyone knew that I was doing this? (Jn.3:20,21)

B. What if everyone else in the world was doing this? (Matt.5:13-16)

1. Would it raise or lower the standards of others in the world? in the church?

C. Can I sincerely thank God for this opportunity, and ask Him to bless me in doing it? (1 Thess.5:17,18)

D. How will this affect my Christianity? (1 Pt.1:10)

E. How will it affect the standing of others with Christ? (Rom.14:13)

F. Will my participation in this glorify God? (1 Cor.10:31)

1. Preacher who just carried a beer across the room at a party

G. Do I still have any doubts about whether this is right or wrong? (Rom.14:23)

1. When in doubt leave it out

2. It is sin because you're saying to God "I am willing to do this even if it is sin..."

4. How To Go About Making Wise Decisions

A. Learn these scriptural tests

B. Memorize the scriptures and the tests they suggest.

C. Meditate on them

1. Run through them in your mind

2. Teach them to someone else

3. Try them on things that you are sure are right or things that you are sure are wrong.

4. Discuss them and your decisions with your authorities before the situation occurs if possible.

5. Keep a copy of them around until you know them.

5. Closing:

A. Don't end up like Samson, he made a bad decision and it cost his life. In your life there are decisions you will make that could cost your life or even your soul.

B. If you have never

C. Most of you know if there is a decision you have been putting off. One that will set your spiritual life on a new and better track.

1. It may be a simple as deciding to surrender your life to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Master. You should know that this is a decision that will make an eternal difference.

2. It may be deciding to turn your back on an immorality that has begun to grow roots in your life. This too can have eternal consequences.

3. It may just be the decision that you are going to commit yourself to making wise moral decisions in the future. But whatever it is

D. Right now I am asking you to make that decision..