Your Greatest Need


I. The Story Of Job:

    1. The Accuser: Job 1:6-11, I Pet. 5:8 (God was pleased with Job but Satan comes accusing that Job's strength cannot withstand temptation. This challenges not only Job, but all of humanity; that we will only follow God for immediate, material gain.)

    2. The Losses:

        A. Animals: Job 1:14-17

        B. Children: Job 1:18-19

    3. The Reason: Job 1:20-22 (Note that Job did not blame God for his misfortune.) Job 2:3 (These things did not happen to Job for any thing he had done.) Jn. 9:1-3 (Jesus teaches us that tragedy is not necessarily a direct punishment for some wrong that we have done. God had a special purpose in allowing these things to happen to Job. It was to answer Satan's challenge and show that man will follow God for more than shallow reasons.)

    4. The Debate: Job 4-Job 37 (There were three cycles [check Thompson's to define] involving Job, Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, Job's monologue, Elihu's answer and God's response.)

    5. The Feelings This Created: Job was sad, felt attacked by friends, was frustrated at not understanding God's purpose for his suffering.

    6. His Darkest Hour Revealed His Greatest Need: Job 9:32-35 (In his suffering, he cried out for a mediator; someone who would speak out to God in his behalf, that he might understand.

II. Your Darkest Hour: Ps. 53:2-3 (Your darkest hour is not personal hardship. It is sin.)

III. Your Greatest Need: This reveals your greatest need; a mediator to help you reach God. Can you imagine facing these without God: loss of love ones, financial loss, attack or betrayal? Can you imagine facing death without God? Ps. 23:4 You need a mediator!)

    1. Christ: I Tim. 2:5-6, Heb. 9:24 (He offers himself as a mediator between you and God.)

      A. To Identify With Your Problems: Heb. 4:15

      B. To Deal With Your Sin: Rom. 6:11-12 (He will deliver you from a life of service to sin.) I Pet. 3:18 (He will deliver you from your guiltiness.)

IV. What You Must Do: Lk. 13:1-5 (Human suffering reminds you of your sin [Gen. 3:19] and demands you repent.)

The Hope Of The Resurrection: Job 19:26/Ps. 17:15, I Jn. 3:2 (Christ holds forth the hope of your body being brought forth from the grave and re-fashioned in his likeness.)