Use Hospitality


Introduction: 1 Pet. 4:9 (Hospitality is an important and essential part of the Christian life. You must practice this virtue in order to please God. But you need to remember that God's commands are not given without reason. There is a purpose in being hospitable. In this sermon we will focus on USING hospitality to accomplish a specific purpose.)

    1. You Must Be Hospitable: Titus 1:8, 1 Tim. 3:2 (Hospitality is required of Elders.) Rom. 12:13 (The same is required of all Christians.) Mt. 10:14-15 (Breach of hospitality is a serious offense.)

    2. Use: (Hospitality has a practical use.)

      A. Help workers: Acts 16:15 (Lydia's hospitality helped Paul and his coworkers continue in their work and travels.)

      B. Reach lost: Mt. 5:13-16 (A hospitable, loving home helps project the kind of image that encourages others to seek God also.)

      C. Strengthen the church: Ps. 133:1 (The sweetness of good associations shared in hospitality helps Christians become stronger.)

    3. Without Grudging: (How to not be grudging.)

      A. Be motivated by love: 3 Jn. :5-8 (By -bringing people forward on their journey" [being hospitable] these were showing their love and showing that hospitality should be motivated by love.)

      B. Motivated by Courtesy: 1 Pet. 3:8 (Their are times hospitality is a matter of courtesy, such as visiting preacher, etc..)

      C. Prefer good company: Rom. 12:10 (You should be hospitable towards other Christians because you want to be with them.)

    Be hospitable to serve, not for reciprocation!

When is the last time you had someone in your home? brought them food? took them somewhere? How often do you USE hospitality?