The Spiritual Harvest


Matthew 9:35-38

1. Introduction:
A. Story of Jesus traveling from village to village, what he saw bringing us to:
1. The Harvest is Plentiful (vs. 36-38)
2. And growing -Mt.13:31-33

2. The Laborers These are characteristics of laborers. Do you meet the bill? Are you:
A. One of the Few, pray for more
B. Compassionate (vs.36)
C. Devout -Mt.22:37,38
D. Loving Mt.22:39; 1 Jn.4:20
E. Meek 1 Pet.3:15
F. Knowledgeable -Col.4:6
G. Zealous (vs.35) 1 Pet.3:15; Acts 5:42

3. Recognizing the Harvest (vs. 36)
A. When you go into the fields to harvest, you need to be able to tell the crop from the weeds.
Here are several types of people you will meet.
1. Confirmed wolves 2 Tim.4:11-15
2. Wolves in Sheep s clothing Mt.7:15; Mt. 23:13-15,23,25,27,29,33
3. Sheep in the fold Jn.10:4,5
4. Sheep without a shepherd Mt.9:36
a. Fainting (distressed), scattered, no shepherd
b. Needy (vs.35)
c. Recognizable (vs.36)

4. Conclusion:
A. The parable that never happened Mt.13:3
1. NOTE: have everyone turn, say I m going to mis-read this parable, for emphasis, see if you notice the mistake
2. Read Behold, NO sower went forth to so the end
B. Will you sow? Will you reap? Or will you stand by while the harvest dies in the field?