A Study of the Gospels


1. Introduction

A. Matthew 16:13-15

B. What is the purpose of the gospels?

1 To present Jesus as the Christ, the son of God and to cause belief in Him as the one who came to die for our sins.

2 To provide an accurate account of the ministry of Jesus.

3 To preserve His teachings for all who believe in Him.

C. Why are they different?

1 Synoptics and John

2 Different audiences

3 Matthew & Mark are grouped around Parables, Miracles, etc.; Luke is Chronological.

4 So the Message, not the words, would matter.

D. General Information:

1 Show map of Jesus' life travels

2. Matthew -The great sermons of Christ: (Sermon on the mount)

A. Beatitudes - Those of godly character will be blessed.

B. Murder/Adultery are sins of the heart

C. Don't ever swear (oaths)

D. Go the second mile/turn the other cheek

E. Love your enemies

F. Actions must come from good/pure motives

G. Model prayer

H. Serve God first and He will provide for you

I. Do not judge

J. Must obey God to enter Kingdom of Heaven


3. Mark -The Kingdom teaching of Christ

A. Mark 1:14,15 Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God...is at hand

B. 4:1-20 Seed & Sower

C. 4:11 It is given unto you to know the mystery of the kingdom of Heaven.

D. 4:30-32 Parable of the Mustard Seed

E. 9:1 Kingdom will come with power before all of you die.

F. 9:47 Pluck out your eyes to enter the Kingdom

G. 10:13-16 Must be as a child to enter Kingdom

H. 12:28-34 Wise in scripture = near the Kingdom

I. 14:22-26 Last Supper - Not again until in the Kingdom


4. Luke

A. The purpose for the book of Luke

B. Koran, Book of Mormon, Lost books of the Bible

C. 1:1-4 Written to provide an accurate chronological account of what happened to Jesus


5. John -The miracles of Christ

A. 2:1-11 Wedding at Cana, Water to wine

B. 4:46-54 Healing the Nobleman's son

C. 5:1-16 Crippled man at pool of Bethesda

D. 6:1-15 Feeding the 5000

E. 6:16-21 Walking on water

F. 9:1-41 Healing the man born blind

G. 11:1-46 Raising Lazarus from the dead

H. 21:6-11 Great catch of fishes


6. Conclusion

A. Jesus with the people

1 Matthew 9:20-22 Women who touched the hem of His garment.

2 Mark 14:3-9 Mary with the Spikenard perfume

3 Luke 23:39-43 The criminal on the cross

4 John 3:1-5 (19:38-41) Nicodemus

B. Jesus lived for us too.

1 Jn.20:30,31 Written so you would believe

2 Jn.17:14-26 Jesus prayed for we who believe