The Plan of Salvation


Problems Of The Sinner: (The problems of sin point to Christ as the solution. Each problem results in damnation.)

    1. Knows Not God: I Jn. 3:6 (By definition, the sinner does not know God. This means more than just lacking awareness of God. The nature of the habitual sinful life is such that it prevents any relationship with God.) II Thes. 1:7-9 (Those who don't know God will be punished with everlasting fire.)

    2. No Faith: Titus 1:15 (Another definitive characteristic of the sinner is that they have no saving faith. This is more than lacking mere acknowledgement of God's existence. The sinful life is, by definition, a faithless life.) Rev. 21:8 (The unbelieving will have their part in the lake of fire.)

    3. Life Full Of Sin: Rom. 6:20 (Even if the sinner has improved, they still bear the guilt of all their sin. Their life is full of sin. They are void of any vestige of righteousness.) I Pet. 4:18 (The implication of Peter's rhetorical questions is that the ungodly will be lost.)

    4. Life Denies Christ: Titus 1:16 (Though the mouth may grudgingly admit Jesus is Christ, the sinful life denies him.) Lk. 6:46 (Jesus challenges us not to just call him Lord, but to live like he is our Lord.) Mt. 10:33 (Any denial of Christ will result in him denying the sinner in judgement.)

    5. Dead In Sin: Eph. 2:1-5 (The apex of the sinner's problem is that they are dead in sin, spiritually dead before God.)

The Solution: Rom. 5:8 (Christ is the solution for sin. Each step in his plan has reference to him. Each step also directly relates to solving it's respective problem listed above.)

    1. Hear The Gospel Of Christ: Jn. 6:44-45 (Before you can come to know God they must be taught the gospel of Christ, the good news that Christ is the solution for sin. This puts you well on your way to building a relationship with God and solving the first problem.) Jn. 12:48 (Satan says you can reject the gospel but Jesus said if you do you will be lost.)

    2. Believe In Christ: Jn. 3:16 (You can overcome faithlessness by believing in Christ. Not just a shallow faith, but a real, obedient faith thus helping solve the second problem.) Mk. 16:16 (Satan says you can doubt or have a dead faith but Jesus said if you don't believe you will be lost.)

    3. Repent And Turn To Christ: Ezek. 18:20-21 (Repentance is a change of heart that is followed by conversion or turning to God. So repentance will lead you to forsake the sin filled life and help solve the third problem.) Lk. 13:3 (Satan says you can sin all you want and still be saved but Jesus said if you don't repent you will be lost.)

    4. Confess Faith In Christ: Rom. 10:9-10 (Confession of Christ is unto salvation. It is more than a grudging admittance of Jesus' identity. It is a confession that leads to living like he is Lord and working to solve the fourth problem.) Mt. 10:32-33 (Satan says you can deny Christ or just ignore him but Jesus said if you don't confess him you will be lost.)

    5. Baptism Into Christ: Rom. 6:3-7 (By being baptized into Christ you access his death and overcome the state of being dead in sin. It is not a mere ceremony. It has reference to Christ as the solution for your sin. It, therefore, is the point at which Christ finally resolves the problems of your sin. From this point, instead of being free from righteousness, you are free from sin.) Jn. 3:1-6 (Satan says you don't have to be baptized but Jesus said if you are not born again you will be lost.)