The Danger of Delay

1. Introduction:
A. Luke 14:15-24
B. Delay cost these men everything
C. Often we delay with the excuse that we are busy thinking about it Will you die thinking about it?
E. Today we will consider 3 areas where it is dangerous to delay

2. Getting yourself right with God
A. You may need to obey the gospel
1. What hinder s me from being baptized? Acts 8:36
2. What is hindering you?
B. Repent of sin in your life Acts 8:22-24
1. Peter said repent, not one of these days you need to plan to
2. Simon said pray for me not well let me think about it

3. Growing Spiritually
A. This takes effort, it doesn t just happen
B. Are you at church every time the door is open? Why not? What could be more important
than gathering with saints for fellowship and worship? Heb.10:24,25
C. Do you study God s word? Why not? Could you give 3 or 4 good reasons that it has
been over a month since you cracked the book ? 2 Tim.3:15-17
D. Do you do good works for the church? Eph.2:10
E. Do you make excuses to God about things that need done and you aren t doing them?
Moses? (Ex.4:2-4) made excuses, but God didn t accept them. He won t from you either.

4. Evangelism
A. You are the earthen vessel the gospel has been left in 2 Cor.4:5-7
B. I don t know the scriptures well enough to teach someone Is this your excuse?
1. You can tell them how you were saved.
2. You can learn where the basic verses which teach the gospel and the plan of salvation are.
3. Bottom line is if you don t the truth is that you don t really care enough to do it.

5. Conclusion:
A. Remember the thinking man sculpture? He is really thinking isn t he?
Yet notice what it has gotten him? He is frozen in that position.
Not that reasonable thought is not good, it is, but if you don t make yourself get with the task at hand,
you too will be no better than the statue: Frozen by indecision, inaction or indifference.
B. What do you need to do? Obey the gospel? Repent of sin? Work on growing as a Christian?
Tell someone else the good news of salvation?
C. Please don t die thinking about it !