In the Resurrection Mourning

Introduction:Jn. 5:28-29(This passage teaches that some day there will be a general resurrection of all people, both good and evil. For the righteous, this will be a moment of joy. But for the wicked it will be an occasion of unspeakable horror and dread.)
A. For Some The Resurrection Will Be Happy:
1. Changed Body: 1 Cor. 15:42-44, Phil. 3:21 (Paul teaches that at the resurrection our bodies will be changed. This vile and corrupt flesh will be changed to an incorruptible and immortal body.) Ps. 17:15, I Jn. 3:2 (Not only will we be changed, but we will be changed to be like Christ. We don t know exactly what this involves, but we know it must be wonderful.)

2. Never Die Again: Rom. 6:9(Since we ll be changed to be like Christ and Christ was raised to never die again, then when we are raised it will be to never die again.)

3. Reunited With Faithful Loved Ones: 2 Sam. 12:23 (David understood when his child died that at some point he would be reunited with him. So it will be with the faithful at the resurrection. There will be a great reunion with faithful loved ones.)

4. Be With God Forever: Job 19:26, 1 Thes. 4:16-17 (Job spoke of seeing God some day. Paul promises that at the resurrection the faithful will be with Christ forever.)

B. For Some It Will Be Grievous:
1. I Wish I Had Never Been Born: Mt. 26:24 (Christ said Judas would be better off if he had never been born. So it is with any person who must face God s wrath after the resurrection.)

2. Rocks And Mountains Cover Me: Rev. 6:16, Lk. 23:30 (When the scriptures speak of coming wrath from God, they frequently speak of sinners calling for mountains and rocks to cover them. At the resurrection sinners will wish they could hide from God s wrath, but will not be able to.)

3. I Could Have Done Things Differently: Jer. 8:20 (Let s borrow these words and think of the end of time. Think of the mornful wails of the lost. We are not saved! How the lost will wish they could change things, do things differently!)

4. I Could Have Helped Others Find Their Way: Lk. 16:27-28 (When in torment, the rich man thought of his family. He thought of how they could be influenced to be saved. No doubt as he plead with God to send help he thought of his failure to help. At the resurrection, the lost will not only lament their own destruction, but that of those who they could have helped find salvation.)

5. Pitiful Pleading: Mt. 7:22-23(This passage depicts people pitifully pleading for reconsideration of their case before God. How pitiful it will be when lost souls plead their case in vain!)

C. Raised With Christ:Rom. 6:3-4, Rom. 8:11 (If you want to be raised with Christ then, you must be raised with him now. You must be a Christian if you want to have the resurrection of life.) Col. 3:1 (Once you have been risen with Christ in baptism, you then must spend the rest of your life seeking the spiritual things that please him.)

Conclusion: (The resurrection will be a joyous occasion for some. What will it be for you? Will it be a joyous morning, or the resurrection mourning?)