A World of Iniquity


Introduction: Jas. 3:6 (The Bible warns us that the tongue is a world of iniquity. It is an unruly evil that is very difficult to control. Given this fact, it is appropriate that we discuss the tongue and the specific problems it can cause.)

I. Things Said In The Presence Of The Person:

    1. Revilers: I Pet. 2:23-24 (Christ set the best example by not reviling when others mocked. He committed the situation to God and did not seek verbal retaliation.) Jude :9 (Michael the archangel wouldn t even rail against Satan. Hateful speech is never in order and nobody, not even Satan, has it coming.)

    2. Despiteful: Rom. 1:30 (This passage forbids us to be despiteful, to speak or act in an insulting way.)

II. Things Said Away From The Person:

    1. Gossip: Rom. 1:29 (The whisperer is a gossip, to speak hatefully about others, especially behind their back.) Prov. 16:28 (Gossiping hurts others and can destroy friendships.)

    2. Slander: Prov. 10:18, Rom. 1:30 (The Bible shows that slandering or backbiting is wrong. This means to speak evil about others just to bring them down or make them look bad.)

III. God Will Punish: Ps. 50:19-22 (God simply will not tolerate the evil tongue. We must learn to control it if we expect to enjoy salvation.)

IV. It Is Sometimes Right To Speak Negatively About Others: Titus 1:12-13 (Paul spoke sharply about the Cretans. This shows there are times and circumstances where speaking harshly to or about someone is fitting. The following questions will help us sort out when our speech is gossip and when it is not.)

    1. Am I Breaking Confidence: Prov. 11:13 (The Bible tells us the talebearer is the one who reveals secrets.)

    2. Am I Saying This Just For Recreation: Rom. 15:1-3 (Sometimes we talk about others just for recreation, not for any valid purpose. We should ask if we are seeking to please ourselves or to help some situation.)

    3. Am I Saying This To Help, Or Just To Make Myself Look Better: Phil. 2:3 (Sometimes we talk just to magnify ourselves. If this is our motive for repeating a matter, then we are wrong.)

    4. Is This Going To Hurt The Person I m Talking About: Prov. 26:22-25 (Sometimes talk hurts others, especially the one we are talking about. Would you be willing to say it if the person were standing there? Is hurting them your motive?)

Conclusion: Eph. 4:31-32 (We must replace our hateful tongue with words of kindness that encourage. Sometimes we will have to say negative things about others. But let s always be sure we are doing that in the right way and for the right reason.)