Respect and Disrespect


Introduction: (The scriptures teach us to treat others with respect. Mankind has always failed at this to one degree or another. In this study we will define respect and examine specific areas where we often fail to respect. We will also look at root problems that contribute to a lack of respect and at the fruit of respectful treatment of others.)

    1. The Wrong Kind Of Respect: (There are certain kinds of respect that are not right. Follows are a couple of examples. These examples show the appropriate kind of respect is treating others with kindness and dignity.)

      1. Honor For The Undeserving: Prov. 26:1, 8 (While everybody should be treated with respect or kindness, there are some who do not deserve honor or admiration. Though we should treat such a person with respect, we should not exalt them or their foolish ways.)

      2. Lip Service: Mt. 15:8 (Respect that is mere shallow lip service is wrong. It is good to say positive, flattering things to others, but never as an insincere lip service.)

    2. Respect To God: (First and foremost, we must have respect for God. This is of primary importance because our respect for him leads us to respect others.)

      1. Honor Is Due Him: Ps. 29:2 (We respect God and give him honor simply because he deserves it.)

      2. Honor With Substance: Prov. 3:9 (We honor God, not just with words, but with our substance. This shows respect involves how we treat God.)

      3. Honor Jesus: Jn. 5:23 (We honor God by following Jesus. If you are not a disciple of Jesus you are not honoring him, and therefore are not honoring God.)

    3. Respect To Fellow Christians: 1 Tim. 5:1-2 (This passage speaks of how we should treat fellow Christians with dignity and respect. It addresses specific relationships and how we should behave in them.)

      1. Intreat: (To intreat means to plead, almost beg. This is how we should treat men older than us, especially elders.)

      2. Mothers: (We should treat the older women in the church with a motherly respect.)

      3. Brothers And Sisters: (We should treat the younger in the church with a sense of purity, like we would toward siblings in the flesh.)


    4. Respect To Spouse: (We must respect each other in the home. Perhaps our children sometimes fail to learn respect because they don t see it demonstrated at home.)

      1. Wives: 1 Pet. 3:7 (The scriptures teach husbands to give honor and respect to our wives. Do we treat her like a person or a slave? Do we do the little things to show her we care? Do we show our respect for her by providing the manly leadership she deserves?)

      2. Husbands: Eph. 5:33 (The scriptures teach wives to revere their husbands. Do you insult him or ridicule him? Do you rebel against his leadership? Would you call him sir or lord? Why not?)

    5. Respect To Parents: Prov. 30:17, Eph. 6:1-2 (The scriptures are plain that children must treat parents with respect. Do you respect your parents? Do you obey them? Do you sass them or cuss them?)

    6. Respect To The Aged: (This kind of respect seems especially absent today. Many generations have complained the young did not respect their aged. This seems to be a common problem of the youth throughout man s history.)

      1. Taught To Respect: Lev. 19:32 (Moses law reflected this timeless principle by commanding Israel to respect the aged.)

      2. Aged Parents: Prov. 23:22 (Wisdom demands we especially honor our aged parents. Our children may be watching to see how they should treat us when we are old.)

      3. Courtesy: Job 32:4 (Respect for the aged is expressed in such simple courtesies as waiting for them to speak before speaking.)

    7. The Root: (There are root problems behind the issue of disrespect. Follows are two that seem to be common. The root of appropriate respect for others is love.)

      1. Hate: Gen. 37:4 (These men did not treat their brother with respect or kindness because of their hateful attitude toward him.) Mt. 12:34-36 (The hateful things we say to others in disrespect come from a hateful heart. We will be judged by these idle words or conversations.)

      2. Pride: Isa. 3:5 (Here disrespectful behavior toward the aged is characterized as behaving proudly. This shows pride is often at the root of disrespect.)

      3. Love: 1 Cor. 13:4-8a (If we have love for others it will show in the way we treat them.)

    8. The Fruit: Prov. 15:13 (This passage shows the root of cheerfulness and respect toward others is a merry heart. The fruit of treating people with respect is happiness and the fruit of being hateful is a broken spirit. Show me a person who consistently treats others with disrespect and I ll show you a miserable person.)

Conclusion: 1 Sam. 2:30 (We must treat others with respect. It starts with honoring God and grows from there. The reward of disrespect is misery but the reward of proper respect is receiving honor and respect from God.)