A) Choices are a part of our everyday life. Some are more monumental than
others, but regardless of how big or small the choice is, the fact is that we
are faced with them on a daily, regular basis.

B) In this study we want to look at choices that people have made and see
what role they play in spiritual life.


A) The Rich Young Ruler. Mk 10:17-22.
1. The Rich Young Ruler chooses his riches more than eternal life. Mt 16:24-26.
2. We must choose to deny our self and follow Christ
B) The Wedding Feast. Lk 14:15-20.
1. Something was more important to them than the invitation.
2. We face a choice of which one is going to be more important.
3. Will we bear our cross, and Choose Jesus?
C) Moses. Heb 11:24-25.
1. Moses choose to suffer with the people of God.
2. Paul tells us in 2 Tim 3:12 "all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall
suffer persection.
3. Do we choose to suffer? To live daily for Christ and bear our cross?
D) Mary. Lk. 10:38-42.
1. Mary chose sit at the feet of Jesus and learn.
2. Do we choose this or do we spend our time doing other things.
E) Serving God is a choice we make, not something that just happens.
1. Mt 5:14 We should be "the light of the world." Do you dim your light
so that you won't stand out.
2. Mt 6:24 Our choice must be clear. We can't serve two masters.
3. Heb. 4:12-13 You can go thru the motions and fool even youself,
but you can NEVER fool God.
A) Josh 24:15. The same choice that Joshua gave to the people of his time,
is the same choice you must face.
1. We must choose who we will serve.
B) Look at 1 Kg 18:21. Elijah presented the situation as a choice,
not a feeling.
1. If The Lord is God, then follow him.
C) Pr. 1:28-31. Those that do not choose the fear of the Lord will receive their
just reward.
D) 2 Thess 1:7-9. Those who choose to obey the gospel will have rest.
1. Those who choose other-wise will face the wrath of God.
A) One Last Example: The Crowd. Mt. 27:15-21.
1. Many people today who have made the same choice as this crowd
2. They choose something or someone else over Jesus.
B) Rm 6:16. The choice that every person faces is the choice between serving
God and serving sin.
C) Which will you choose today?