Jesus' view of the authority of the scriptures



1 Have you never read? Matthew 21:15,16,42; Mark 12:26,27

2 It is written. John 8:17; Luke 24:25-27

3 In matters of doctrine.

a. Resurrection Luke 20:37,38; Exodus 3:6

b. His exalted nature Matthew 22:42-45; Psalms 110:1

c. His mission Luke 24:25-27; 44-46

4 In matters of morality and life.

a. Facing temptation Matthew 4:3-11

b. Dealing with traditions Matthew 15:3

c. Even the least commands Matthew 5:18; 23:23

5 The accounts in Genesis

a. Creation Matthew 19:4,5

b. Cain & Able Matthew 23:35; Hebrews 11:4

c. Destruction of Sodom Luke 17:28-32

d. Flood Matthew 24:37-39

6 It is of divine origin.

a. David's Prophesy Mark 12:26

b. Law of Moses Mark 7:10-13

c. The source of truth John 17:17

d. Law can't fail Luke 16:17

e. My word won't pass away Matthew 24:35

f. Scripture cannot be broken John 10:31-16; Psalms 82:6

7 The authority of the Bible is equal to the authority of Jesus himself.

a. Why call ye me Lord? Luke 6:46

b. A wise man and a fool Matthew 7:24-29

c. Reject words John 12:48