Here is How you can Help

Introduction: 1 Cor. 3:9 (Today you have a unique opportunity to be a coworker with God in his kingdom. Who could pass up such an opportunity? The fact is, there are many who don't help in the work because they don't know what to do. Many more would work if they just knew what to do. Here is what you can do to help.)

I. What You Can Do: Acts 6 (This passage speaks of the work duties being divided up to maximize the churches effort. You may feel like you have no talent, but here are some important things that need to be done that require little specialized talent. By doing these things you will relieve the work burden, allowing those with other talents to see to other important work.) Mt. 25:35-36 (This passage mentions different things we must do to help advance the cause of Christ.) Rom. 12:4-8 (Note this passage lists some of the same kinds of things. It also mentions other talents we must use.)

  1. Benevolence: Isa. 58:7 (Part of their purpose in fasting was to give them opportunity to help the needy.) Acts 20:35 (Paul taught them to work so they could have to give to the needy.)

  2. Hospitality: 1 Pet. 4:9 (Another work that Jesus mentions is giving hospitality to strangers. This is a work you should use to help the church.)

  3. Visitation: Jab. 1:27 (You should not only visit the sick but also the widows and orphans.)

  4. Prison visitation: Heb. 13:3 (Though it is not common in our age of freedom to be jailed for Christianity, there are others in jail we should treat as we would want to be treated and visit them.)

  5. Ministry: Acts 6:1-4 (There was an important service that needed to be done. The apostles had no time to see to that need so others served the widows. You may be able to relieve other workers by doing a similar service.)

  6. Exhortation: Heb. 10:25 (You could do something as simple as calling someone who missed the assembly and seeing if they have a special need.)

  7. Love: Jn. 13:34-35 (This passage teaches us to love. We can make a great statement to the world by loving one another. We can show love by being friendly with each other, and by greeting our guests with genuine enthusiasm.)

II. Why It Is Important: (Think of these reasons it is so important for each of us, each of YOU to do what we all can.)

  1. It is your responsibility: Mt. 25:41-43 (God has given you certain abilities. These works you do are your response-to your-ability.)

  2. It helps others: Job 2:11 (Job's friends agreed to go be with Job just to help him. Your work, though it seems small, may be a great help to the ones you serve.)

  3. It helps the church: Eph. 2:21 (The picture Paul gives of the church here is one of each worker being joined together, teamwork.)

Conclusion: 1 Cor. 12:14-22 (No matter how small your part may seem to you, you need to work to help the cause of Christ. Each work is very important and essential to the body.)