Being a Disciple


1. All Christians Should Be Disciples:

    A. The Meaning Of "Go Teach": Mt. 28:19-20 (This phrase translates the following: Strong's #3100 matheteuo {math-ayt-yoo'-o} 1) to be a disciple of one 1a) to follow his precepts and instructions 2) to make a disciple 2a) to teach, instruct. Therefore, to teach all nations is to make disciples of all nations. This discipling is further accomplished by teaching disciples to observe the commands of Jesus. To be a disciple is to constantly learn to follow the teachings of Jesus.)

    B. Our Purpose: 2 Tim. 2:2 (The purpose of this series of studies is to train you to be a better disciple so that you may teach others to be better disciples.)

2. To Be A Disciple Is To Put Christ First:

    A. Christ Must Be First Before All Others: Lk. 14:26-33 (Jesus advocated that we love him above all other family and friends. Without this kind of love, you cannot be a true disciple. He illustrated incomplete discipleship with stories of a half-finished tower and an unfought battle. Is your christianize incomplete? Are you trying to call a truce instead of fighting Satan? To be his disciple you must have total love and total commitment.)

    B. You Must Love God More Than Anybody: Mt. 22:37-38 (The most important command is to love God. All other commands hang on the principle of love. You must love God with all your being. This is a totally consuming love.)

    C. The Kingdom Must Be First: Mt. 6:33 (Putting Christ first means seeking his kingdom first. This means if you are a true disciple, the church will be very important to you.)

3. To Be A Disciple Is To Imitate Christ:

    A. A Disciple Must Copy The Master: Mt. 10:24-25 (It is enough for the disciple to copy his master. Discipleship means to imitate the behavior of our Master, Jesus.)

    B. Follow His Steps: 1 Pet. 2:21 (Imitating Christ means following his example. Note this means following in his steps, not just in his general direction. Illustrate with walking through a minefield and being particular to follow each step.)

    C. Self Denial: Mt. 16:24 (Following Christ requires taking up a cross of self denial.)

4. To Be A Disciple Is To Continue In His Word:

    A. Learn From The Master: Jn. 8:31 (To be a disciple, a student of Jesus, you must study his word. Can you honestly consider yourself a student of Jesus if you never "sit at his feet" [study his word]?)

    B. Search Vs. Scan: Acts 17:11 (Jesus taught us to search the scriptures. There is a very real difference between an intense search and a careless scan. Illustrate with searching for a lost jewel as opposed to just scanning for it. God's word is a precious treasure. You should search diligently to find its jewels.)

    C. Be Skillful: Heb. 5:12-14 (The only way to become skillful in God's word is by reason of use, continual study. The more you study, the more you sharpen your skills in handling God's word.)

5. To Be A Disciple Is To Bear Fruit: Jn. 15:1-8 (Jesus taught we must bear much fruit. What makes a fruit tree a FRUIT tree?? Fruit! As a part of Christ, the vine, you must bring forth abundant fruit. This is what discipleship demands.)