False Teachers


Introduction: Mt. 7:15 (Jesus clearly warns us against false teachers. The scriptures are clear regarding the damage false teachers can do. Such a serious matter deserves our serious attention. We will define false teachers, discuss how to recognize a false teacher, and discuss what to do with a false teacher.)

1. Defining False Teacher: (Bear in mind, we are not talking about somebody who happens to have a false notion about something. We are talking about someone who teaches false things, that leads people astray, often with the intent to deceive.)

    1. Teaching That Leads Away: 2 Tim. 4:3-4 (The false teaching spoken of here causes some to turn from the truth. It is more than just a mistaken idea about some passage. It is a mistaken idea that seduces the individual and causes them to believe a system of doctrine contrary to the truth. It is one thing to misunderstand Revelation but something else to accept Premillennialism.) Mt. 22:29 (Christ rebuked the Sadducees for their false position regarding the state of the dead and the resurrection. Though their doctrine didn t necessarily cause someone to sin, it involved a false system of belief.)

    2. Teaching That Causes Sin: 1 Tim. 4:1 (In this passage the false doctrine causes some to depart from the faith, to sin.)

2. How To Recognize A False Teacher: (We will speak of some ways you can recognize a false teacher.)

    1. Test The Message: 1 Jn. 4:1 (First, you can recognize a false teacher by comparing his message with what is taught in the word of God.)

    2. Methods Of Operation: Rom. 16:18 (Next, you can recognize a false teacher by their methods. This passage teaches they prey on the simple hearted, deceiving them with cleaver speeches. This can be a sign of a false teacher.)

    3. Goals: Acts 20:29-30 (Next, you can recognize a false teacher by their goals. This passage speaks of those who try to get a following away from the Lord. This can be a sign of a false teacher.)

    4. Motives: Titus 1:11 (You can recognize a false teacher by their motives. This passage teaches false teachers are often motivated by greed.)

3. How To Deal With A False Teacher: (Finally, we will discuss how God wants us to deal with false teachers.)

    1. Must Not Allow Them To Teach: Rev. 2:18-20 (The church at Thyatira was held accountable for allowing a false teacher to teach and deceive. We must not allow false teachers to teach.)

    2. Admonish The Erring: Gal. 6:1 (When a brother is overtaken in a fault we have the responsibility to help them. If that fault is a false doctrine then we should try to convince them of the truth.)

    3. Mark And Avoid: Rom. 16:17 (The scriptures teach that when a person causes division with their false teaching we must mark them and avoid them.)

    4. Guard The Church: 2 Tim. 4:2, I Tim. 1:3 (We must consistently teach the truth and stand for what is right. We must encourage others to do the same. All this is so that we may protect the church against false teaching.)

Conclusion: (The Bible presents false teaching and false teachers as something serious that must be treated seriously. We cannot wink at these kinds of problems. We must stand for what is right and combat false teachers and false teaching.)