Creation Vs. Evolution

  1. Outlining the Options:
    1. Atheistic Evolution - Belief that evolution has produced everything that exists, denying the existence of God.
    2. Theistic Evolution - Belief that evolution was started and guided by God, and that the stories in Genesis 1-11 are mythical and allegorical.
    3. Creation - Belief that our universe was created by the God of the Bible in exactly the way stated in Genesis 1, and that the stories of Genesis 1-11 are literal and historical.
  2. Considering Theistic Evolution:
    1. The Day - Age theory : The word "Day" in Genesis 1 means "Age", not a literal 24 hour period of time. Usually appeal to 2 Peter 3:8 (one day is as a thousand years, and one thousand years as one day). There are many literalists which teach that creation took 7,000 years, some say 70,000 others as much as 7 Billion years.
      1. Hebrew YOM (Translated "Day" in Genesis 1) when used with a number ALWAYS refers to a solar day.
      2. YAMIM (Plural of YOM) always refers to solar days
      3. Evening & Morning (Used in OT over 100 times) always refers to a solar day
      4. "Evening & Morning" was standard Jewish way of designating a solar day
      5. Hebrew words available for "ages" (DOR) or "long indefinite period of time" (OLAM)
      6. Survival of plants for hundreds to billions of years without sunlight & insects?
      7. Genesis 1:14 separates signs, seasons, days, and years
      8. Adam created 6th day yet he was only 130 years old when Seth was born in Genesis 5:4,5
      9. Exodus 20:11; 31:17 both plainly state that this occurred in six days
      10. Death entered into our reality at the sin of Adam, thus animals could not have lived and died for millions of years before Adam.
      11. 2 Peter 3:8 says one day is AS 1000 years. Applies to Genesis 1 & Matthew 27:63 the same.
    2. The Gap theory: There is a gap of an undetermined amount of time between Genesis 1:1 & Genesis 1:2,3 during which time there was a civilization, Satan led a rebellion among them, and God destroyed the earth which he had made, leaving it in a state of Chaos. Genesis 1:2,3 refer to a Re-creation ( re-formation).
      1. The immediate context gives no hint of this interpretation.
      2. There is no Bible evidence that Satan had a rebellion on earth, much less it being the cause of a great cataclysm.
      3. That Satan was not on the earth as a rebel against God prior to the creation of Adam is clear from Genesis 1:31 where God pronounces all of creation "Good"
      4. The gap theory teaches death and destruction in the world before Adam which plainly contradicts Romans 5:12, 1 Corinthians 15:21)
      5. Exodus 20:11 says that the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them was created in six days. This leaves no room for a "gap"
  3. Evolution Vs. Creation
    1. By evolution, we do not mean change within a kind, we mean change between kinds.
      1. Story of Creation
      2. Story of Evolution
      3. The frog kissed by the princess, turning into a prince is a fairy tale if it happens in a moment, but the frog turning into the prince over several million years is supposed to be science.
      4. The addition of time will not help an impossibility to occur.
    2. Three fold examination of the origin of the universe
      1. The universe exists
      2. The universe has order
      3. Man is unique in the universe
    3. Note that Evolution is still called a Theory, because it has not been proven
    4. Many object to creation on the grounds that it is not scientific. Neither is Evolution.
      1. State the problem or question
      2. For a hypothesis or possible solution
      3. Experiment and test this hypothesis observing the results
      4. Interpret the data
      5. Draw your conclusion
    5. Evolution falls at exactly the same point in the process. It cannot be observed, experimented, or tested.
    6. How do the facts fit the two theories.
      1. Living animals are kinds (per Genesis), and not thousands of transitional forms
      2. What about fossils?
        1. The fossil record confirms creation for we find no transitional fossils where there should be millions.
        2. Where is the 1% horse & 99% dog?
        3. All known mutations are harmful.
    7. Dinosaurs are merely extinct animals (Job 40, 41)
    8. The second law of Thermodynamics denies evolution (everything, when left to itself, tends toward decay and disorder)
    9. If there are all these scientific problems with evolution, then why do so many scientists believe it?
  4. Many prominent scientists don t (i.e. Louis Pasteur, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Leonardo Da Vinci, Francis Bacon, and more.) believe in Evolution
  5. Quote from one prominent evolutionist "The scientific difficulties with evolution are many and great, but the only alternative is creation, and to me, this is incredible."