How Can I Make a Difference?

Introduction: Read Exodus 4:1-12

1. Thinking about it:

A. Ephesians 4:11What is the 80/20 rule? Where have you observed it in operation?
B. How does it show itself in a church family?
C. How does it hurt a church family?
D. What reasons (excuses) do church members give for not being involved?

2. God called Moses to make a difference: -Exodus 4:1-12

A. But Moses Made Excuses ...
1. "They won't listen." (Vs. 1)
a. Why is it incorrect to assume people are closed to God?
b. Why are such assumptions dangerous to the Christian spirit?
2. "I can't do it." (Vs. 10)
a. What personal fears often lie behind "I can't do it?"
b. What is the difference between "I can't do it" and "I don't want to do it?"
B. God's Answers To Moses' Excuses...
1. "What's in your hand?" (Vs. 2)
a. Literally, how would you answer this question (your talents, abilities, resources)?
b. What is the power of God's advice - starting with what you have?
2. "Lay it down" (Vs. 3)
a. What is really involved in surrendering my talents and gifts to God?
b. What is most likely to keep you from placing them at God's feet?

3. Questions for Reflection and Application:

A. What is the job of the Elders & Evangelists in a congregation? Eph.4:11-12
B. What is the job of those who are not officers in the church? Eph.4:12-16

In 1981 President Ronald Reagan emerged from the Washington Hilton and was shot. Even though he was serving as our President at the time, our government continued to function as though the attempted assassination had never taken place. uring that same year, the sanitation workers of Philadelphia went on strike and brought the city to its knees.

The point? Even though most of us would say that the Presidency is far more important than garbage collection, the sanitation workers proved that they were (and are) indispensable. Now we could spend lots of time dissecting this example, but what we need to realize is that often people, like Moses did, underestimate their talents, gifts, or opportunities to serve the Lord.

C. How would you advise a new Christian on how to get "involved" at Anna St.?
D. What can you personally do to help someone new become involved?
E. Moses had his staff. David had his sling. What's in your hand?