Doing What You Do Best

Introduction: Read Ephesians 4:16

1. Serving God:

A. How does a person serve God?
B. Why does God provide a diversity of spiritual gifts, talents and abilities?

2. God compares the church to a body: -Romans 12:4-8

A. Explain Paul's comparison of the human body to the church.
B. What impact would it have on our congregation if the members really believed
that each one is gifted and is invaluable to the spiritual health of all?

3. Each part of the body has a unique ability and function: -1 Corinthians 12:11,18-20

A. What would happen if every member of the body performed the same function?
(vs. 19)

4. No matter how different your talents or abilities are, they are important because they
come from the same place and are lead by the same purpose. -1 Corinthians 12:4-6

A. How does this passage correct the false assumption that certain abilities are
better than others?
B. Does 1 Corinthians 12:21-23 shed any new light on this thought?

5. The body will not work or grow correctly if every part doesn't do it's job. The loss of
any part hurts the whole. -Ephesians 4:16

A. Some Christians experience obstacles to serving God. What are some obstacles
one must overcome?
B. How would it be detrimental to the body if any supporting ligament were no
longer responsive?
C. How would this be true in the church?

6. An example and application

The story is told that a preacher once visited a woman who lived in a poorhouse. He noticed, hanging on the wall of her shed, a framed document. He asked about the certificate, and the woman told him that an aged and invalid gentleman for whom she had cared had given it to her. In appreciation for her care, the man had scribbled on the paper and presented it to her. She framed the piece and hung it on her wall. After considerable persuasion, he was finally able to take the document to the local bank where the manager exclaimed, "We've been wondering to whom the old gentleman left his money!"

A. As this woman lived in poverty, she held the deed to a fortune. Could the same
be true of us? Has God given you treasures that lie unknown and unused?
B. What do you believe is an ability, gift, or talent that God has given you to use
for the growth and strength of the body?